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OEM & OTHER services

Have an idea? Let us help instead of starting from scratch. 

We put together the finest team to realise your idea. From developing original concept to prototype, to production, to packaging and to delivery, we have your back. 

CASE 1: OEM & ODM Production

Developing a playful business card case 

Two crucial elements set out for the project in the very beginning were executive-usable and innovative. With these requirements in mind, we explored how users interacted with their card holders in daily situations. An idea then came to us, when we exchange business cards we often hand it to the person receiving it with both our hands as a gesture of humbleness and respect. The card case we designed saves us the redundancy in the process and at the same time praises the good quality of being humble in modern day.

1. Developing 

concept to actual product

card case design draft

2. Prototype and finalise designs

card case design
card case design
card case design
card case design

In 60 days!

3. Production & Delivery

card case design


We design a compact manicure set for a beauty parlor brand whose main business targets are frequent travelers and those who could not live with the slightest imperfection. Tools inside are all re-designed to serve multi-purpose and to fit the handheld size of the container. ( Below A & B )

OEM design draft
OEM design draft
OEM design draft

What a suitcase and an alarm clock represent ? A time traveler.

This is the hundred year anniversary project of our client who wishes to celebrate the old history of his foundation and highlight the  culture-rich aspect of his products.

We use this auto-standing Pen memo pad to create a brand image for our customer to convey a message to its consumers, which says no matter how late of a night it is (the use of soft light ) , the company will stand by at your service ( auto-standing pen).

CASE 2: Customised Tooling 

"Our job is to realise an idea as close as possible to its imagined image"

Turn a simple thing into a signature

USB Hub design
USB Hub design
tape dispenser
Tape dispenser design
Nut cracker design

Case 3:


Based on your specific requirements

Gather market information 

Conduct background analysis and throughout comparison

A shortlisted manufacturers that best fit for the job will be presented to you

Arrange production sample

Manage Expectation & Fine-tune

Whole production process assisted by our in-house 

product development team experts

Let's start a discussion !

Success! Message received.

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